Signature Plates

Signature plates are a 'Unique' way to remember who attended your wedding, family celebration or special birthday.

Choose the piece you want everyone to sign. More and more people are choosing fruit bowls, wine coolers etc. rather than the traditional plate. Then decide what design you want in the middle, if any, and also the wording.

You can either do the artwork yourself or commission us to do it for you and then choose between options 1 or 2:

Option 1: We then glaze and fire the piece and it is ready for you to take to the celebration. Your friends and relations will sign their names etc. using a special ceramic pen available from us.

You do not have to return the creation to us and nor do you have paint that could be messy.

Option 2: As above down to doing the artwork. You then take the piece to the party and using our paint in funwriter bottles everyone signs their name. Please then return the finished creation to us for glazing and firing.

You have to return the item to us for firing if you are using paint rather than the special ceramic pen.