Decopatch is becoming an increasingly popular craft and there is no better place than Unique Creations to be inspired and buy your supplies. We have a fabulous selection of blanks for you to choose from. We are constantly keeping our eyes open for new shapes to offer you.

You can decopatch absolutely anything except for fabric . A great way to recycle an old chair/chest of drawers/toy box etc. Decopatch paper is deep-dyed and glazed and will not break apart when glued, and nor will the colours fade or run, because the paper is so thin and flexible it works both on smooth and uneven surfaces.

Decopatch is basically an extension of papier mache but if you use our fun, colourful and funky paper along with our glue/varnish mixture you will achieve fantastic results.

Just tear the paper into small pieces then it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Glue
  2. Paper
  3. Glue

Unique Tips

  • Cut or tear about 15 pieces of paper at a time
  • Keep the brush in a cup of water whilst tearing more paper, then squeeze out excess water over the cup before Paperpatch gluing again.
  • Always make sure the edges of the paper are stuck down by pressing quite hard with the brush.
  • When you have finished, coat the item with a thin layer of glue and leave to dry for an hour.
  • 2 or 3 coats of Aquapro varnish give a glossy finish.
  • Chairs or furniture, photo frames etc. need at least 6 or 7 coats of varnish to protect them.
  • Use buttons/gems or 3D liners to add the final touch.

Decopatch Parties

Decopatch parties are becoming increasingly popular held either at our studio or in your home or venue of your choice.

Take Away Packages (based on a minimum of 6 people)

We provide:

  • A ZOO PACK Medium animal per person
  • Brush per person
  • A selection of paper - 1.5 sheet per item
  • Paperpatch glue
  • 6 paper plates (to put glue on)

55.00 based upon 6 people 8.50 per person over 6 people.

Frame Pack

We provide:

  • Medium square frame per person
  • Brush per person
  • A selection of paper - 1 sheet per item
  • Paperpatch glue
  • 6 paper plates (to put glue on)

42.50 based upon 6 people 7.00 per person over 6 people. You provide a table covered in newspaper or a plastic tablecloth.

Parties at the studio:

Decopatch Parties last for 1 hours. Each person will decopatch a medium animal, medium square picture frame or their initial (20cm tall)

13.50 per person